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Heat Printing Events

Heat Printing Events | Stahls' Hotronix & Target TransfersHeat Printing Events | Stahls' Hotronix & Target Transfers

What's Coming Up? The Latest Heat Printing Events

LIVE Events - Visit the Heat Printing Innovation Centre

At our Heat Printing Innovation Centre, we have the largest UK display of Stahls' and Hotronix machines on display and ready to demonstrate, allowing you to make sure you get the right Heat Press, Transfers, and Heat Transfer Vinyl for your business.

As part of the Stahls' Group, we are very proud to offer a range of premium vinyl and custom transfers that stand the test of time, wash after wash. If you would like to try it for yourself then book an appointment and we can walk through all the possibilities.


1:1 Heat Printing Masterclass1:1 Heat Printing Masterclass
How to Master Design and Placement for Heat PrintingHow to Master Design and Placement for Heat Printing
How to start a t-shirt businessHow to start a t-shirt business
How to Market your T-Shirt BusinessHow to Market your T-Shirt Business

Online Events


How to Design & Make Leavers Hoodies with NO WEEDING!

Making the most of leavers hoodie has never been easier. Students are now getting leaver's hoodies at every level of school, from reception and infant school all the way up through the age groups. Every textile printer should be contacting their local school, college and university to seize this opportunity NOW in readiness.

For our partners making leavers hoodies this year. We are here to support you! Join us for this week as we show you how to take a leavers hoodie from design to creation, including:

- How to use our FREE leavers template
- How to add leavers names to a design
- How get the best price for leavers design
- How to create a full leavers hoodie

If you are spending too much time weeding these designs, it's not worth the hassle. Learn the easiest and most profitable way to create a leavers hoodie.


Download Leavers Artwork Template HERE.

Full Colour Leavers Designs

Don't settle for standard! Choose UltraColour Transfers for your Leavers products this year. UltraColour will make your products instantly stand out from competitors and increase their value, and therefore your profits.

During this LIVE event, we show you:

- How to create a full colour design using our FREE Artwork Template

- How to order your UltraColour Transfers Online in a few simple steps

- Best practice for UltraColour application using a Heat Press


Get Started with UltraColour Leavers HERE.

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