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Hotronix Heat Presses - Investment vs Profit Breakdown

We have taken each Hotronix Heat Press, broken down the investment costs vs profit for your sales and highlighted the key features of each Heat Press so you can not only make an efficient financial decision but you can also find the perfect press to suit your requirements.
2 days ago

Five Heat Printing Tips for Beginners

If you've just started out in the heat printing business or you're looking to brush up on the basics, this post is for you! Here are some of the top tips to be aware of when applying transfers to garments with a heat press.

4 days ago

Top Tips for Heat Transfer Application

Here at Target Transfers we take pride in helping you produce high quality and long lasting products for your customers. Here are a few top tips to correctly apply your custom heat transfers to ensure longevity of the product.

8 days ago

How to make £700 Profit from £4.70 of Stahls' SportsFilm Extra HTV

If you are decorating onto cotton or poly/cotton blends and you want to create a premium product for your customers, then you need to be using Stahls' Sportsfilm (UltraWeed) Heat Transfer Vinyl.  Here, we take you through the price breakdown of using SportsFilm on your products.
12 days ago

How to Order Transfer Express in the UK

As part of Groupe STAHL and the UK's leading supplier of Stahls' Heat Transfer Vinyl and Hotronix Heat Presses, here at Target Transfers we are proud to also bring the world's best Custom Heat Transfers to the UK. Here we explain how to order the world's leading transfers with Easy View.

18 days ago

How to Payoff your Heat Press Investment in One Year or Less

If you can sell 108 t-shirts (just 9 t-shirts a month) then you're ready to start your business! We've even broken down the costs for you...
18 days ago

Weekly Q&A | Answering Your Questions! Monday 8th February 2021

Every week we take the most asked questions from our inbox and answer them here to help educate our whole community! This week we cover how to get a transparent background on your Easy View artwork, how you can get the NEW Hotronix 360 Fusion IQ Hat Press and more!

19 days ago

Weekly Q&A! Your Most Asked Questions!

Every week we take the most asked questions from our inbox and answer them here in our weekly Q&A to help educate our whole community! Q&A 1st February 2021

22 days ago

Screen Printed vs UltraColour Transfers: Which to choose for your artwork?

Are you unsure on which heat transfer type to choose for your artwork? Here, we discuss the difference between Screen vs UltraColour to help you decide.

24 days ago

Back to Basics: What are Heat Transfers?

This weeks Back To Basics is all about Heat Transfers. What are Heat Transfers? What are they used for? How are the applied? Keep reading for more.

24 days ago