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Stahls' Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Stahls' Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

Stahls' Effect Heat Transfer Vinyl

Add Sparkle to your designs - Stahls' Hologram Effect HTV adds a shiny, sparkly finish.

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Stahls' Effect Heat Transfer Vinyl

Holographic sparkle and special effect HTV

CAD-CUT™ Hologram Effect Heat Transfer Vinyl adds a shiny, sparkly finish to your custom transfers. Specially developed with the fashion industry in mind, this slightly thicker material with a sticky carrier has unique “holographic sparkle” effect and comes in a vast array of colours. The image shifts as the wearer moves, creating a distinctive visual effect. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl comes in 16 amazing finishes to add value to any apparel or accessory.
Order by the metre or by the roll (full roll 25m x 500mm).

SAVE 19% when you order 25 metres or more and qualify for FREE delivery.

Hologram is the US name for Effect

Price Breakdown

How much profit can you make from your HTV? We've broken it down for you.

The total cost of one metre of Stahls' CAD-CUT Effect HTV is £4.75, £118.75 for a 25m roll.

You can fit 1250 designs (10x10 size) on a 25m roll of HTV, resulting in each transfer costing you just £0.095

If you sell each t-shirt for £20 (and it costs £6 to make) you make £14 profit on each sale. *Your profits may also increase if you produce higher value garments such as hoodies and jumpers.

This results in a £17,500 profit from just one roll of Stahls' CAD-CUT Effect HTV!

stahls' cad-cut effect htv price breakdown

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Poly/Cotton Blends
  • 100% polyester*
    *Testing is always advised

Effect HTV Benefits:

  • 16 Colours and finishes
  • Sparkle options in Red, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Green, Gold & Silver
  • Holographic look with Spectrum
  • Rainbow finish with Sparkle Mullti
  • Pressure senstive tacky backing
  • Easy to cut and weed
  • 105 Microns thick

Recommended tools and accessories :

Cutting Tips:

  • Always carry out a Test-Cut, this will identify if you have a sharp blade and if the pressure and force is correct.
  • Once you have the correct setting, make a visual note and attach it to your cutter for each type of material.
  • Different HTV materials and plotter cutter brands require different blades, always have a selection to hand.

Application Instructions:

  • Time: 10 Seconds
  • Temp: 150°c
  • Pressure: Medium (4-6 on a Hotronix Press)
  • Peel: Cold

Application Instructions:

Time: 10 seconds
Temp: 150°c
Pressure: medium
Peel: Cold

Stahls' effect htv Instructions

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