Getting started with custom transfers

We specialise in producing transfers for garment manufacturers with a two day turnaround. We can produce screen printed, digital and litho transfers at our factory in Braintree.

From heat applied branded kneck and care labels, logos, badges and slogan transfers, school leavers prints, sports numbering for fashion, sports, athleisure, workwear and uniforms.

For t-shirts and football kits, bags our custom-made, heat fusion iron on transfers can be applied to almost any type of fabric.

With a minimum order quantity of just 10 of the same design for digital transfers and 25 for screen prints, Target Transfers are your best partner to START, RUN  and GROW your garment printing business.

We are trusted by fashion, retails and sports brands as a partner for embellishment and branding solutions.

Why custom transfers?


Custom heat applied transfers last just as long as direct-printed garments and often provide a more attractive finish that feels part of the garment.

Press on demand

If you are unsure how many of a particular garment you will need to make then screen printed transfers take the risk out. You only need to apply the transfer to the garment as and when you need it. If you do not use the transfer on your current range, they will be ready for the next one.

2-day turnaround

Target transfers can provide screen printed transfers to you with just a 2-day turnaround. So if you get that last minute job that cannot wait, we can be the partner you need. Sent direct to you from our factory in Braintree, Essex.

What transfers are available?


A screen printed transfer is an image which is screen printed ink onto a release paper and then heat applied to the garment. The benefits of this system is that allows on-demand printing without committing large quantities of garments to print. You can print on the sizes and colours of garments as needed and once printed they feel like part of the garment.

Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-coloured and they heat apply in seconds to any number of items, such as T-Shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets and caps.

Minimum order quantity is 25.

Available finishes include: Polytran, Nylotrans and Subliblock.

screen printed custom transfer


Using Sportsflim printable these transfers with a matt finish are perfectly suited for printing smaller details and can be cut after a very short drying time. Colours stay vibrant after laundering, and are suitable for most textiles available including cotton, polyester and lycra/ spandex blends.

Due to low minimum order quantity (10), this is a great transfer to started with due to its quick scalability.

Minimum order quantity is 10.

Digital custom heat transfer

Litho transfers

Litho Polytran

Combining the benefits of Lithographic and Silk Screen printing, giving access to full tonal range and image clarity of full colour litho, as used in commercial printing. The quality of the image is sharp and is suited to reproduce photographs, pictures and transparencies where the definition is paramount. An additional coating is added to allow the design to be applied to a wider range of fabrics and a white backer is applied to support the additional coating. This is an extremely popular process within the commercial and promotions market.

Litho Plastisol

Litho Plastisol is one of our most popular and versatile transfer systems. Process printing (CMYK) on a conventional full colour litho press achieves optimum clarity and detail. Litho Polytran transfers can be applied to more difficult fabrics, Neoprene and some nylons and items such as drawstring bags.

Minimum order quantity is 250.

custom litho transfer

How to get started with custom transfers

The most important thing to consider here is finding the right partner. At Target Transfers we have been producing custom transfers in the UK for over 40 years. Our promise is to provide the best quality transfer available that is right for your business.

All we need to know is these 4 things:

  • Garment type and colour
  • Number of colours in the transfer
  • Quantity
  • Size

Upload your artwork to get a quote today. Based on these answers we will provide you with the best transfer option for your garment.

custom transfer quote

custom heat applied transfers

As both licensees and licensors ourselves, we fully understand the need not just to produce high-quality motifs, but also the need for tight security and accurate record keeping.