What are UltraColour Transfers?

What are UltraColour Transfers Blog

What are UltraColour transfers?

UltraColour is a brand new water based, full colour transfer brought to you by Target Transfers and available to order 24/7 with Easy View.

UltraColour transfers have unlimited colour variations alongside a stunning gradient effect, meaning you can achieve an extremely detailed design at a high quality finish.

Also, with Easy View, not only is it quick, simple and easy to order new transfers but all your previous orders are stored within your account ready to be reordered in seconds. Launching next month, sign up here and we will send you a notification ahead of launch day.

Why should I use UltraColour transfers?

UltraColour transfers are the highest quality full colour custom transfers available.

  • Unlimited colour options available
  • Colour gradients can be achieved in great detail
  • Incredible stretch and rebound as standard
  • Low fuse temperature of 120 °C
  • 12 second fuse time
  • Water based transfer
  • The longest lasting eco-friendly Heat Transfers available
  • No key lines
  • 60+ washes, the NEW industry standard
  • 24 hour manufacturing
  • The softest feel

What would you use UltraColour transfers for?

There are currently 8 sizes available which will work on a wide range of products such as caps, neck labels, full t-shirts and hoodies.

How do I fuse UltraColour transfers?

UltraColour transfers are applied with a heat press at 120 °C for 12 seconds.

How long do UltraColour transfers last?

UltraColour transfers last for 60+ washes, the NEW industry standard. They are the longest lasting eco-friendly transfers available.

Where can I order UltraColour transfers?

Click here to read more about UltraColour and place your order.

Easy View, launching next month, makes ordering custom transfers much quicker and accessible 24/7. To be the first to know when. Sign up here and we will send you a notification ahead of launch day.

For more information on UltraColour, click here to visit the UltraColour page on our website.

UltraColour Transfer Example