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The Best Blank Garments and Why Cost and Quality Matters - The Target Transfers Podcast

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By Beth Whittock
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The Best Blank Garments and Why Cost and Quality Matters - The Target Transfers Podcast

In this weeks episode of The Target Transfers Podcast, we have welcomed back Simon and Kat from Ralawise for a second podcast episode.

They discuss what's new for 2023, the best blank garments for heat printing businesses, dive into the many tools that Ralawise can offer your printing business to help take it to the next level as well as the quality of different blanks and so much more.


Andy prompts Simon for advice on a few mistakes that new heat printing businesses should avoid. 

Simon explains that the two mistakes he picks up on regularly with clients that he has worked with revolve around time management.

1# - Prioritise breaks

Its so easy to work work work. The allure of expanding your business and its client range, as well as the impending profit, is very strong. But to quote Simon directly 'Burnout can be real'. Avoid burnout by taking regular breaks such as having weekends off or having an early finish on a friday.

2# - Don't worry about your website

Simon passionately explains that he has seen website creation consume some businesses. He feels that it can take too much time to create from scratch and recommends that new businesses focus more on the clients and produce offering during this time. Why not start your online presence by creating an Instagram page instead of a website? If a website is still your initial goal for online presence, Ralawise can offer many website elements free of charge to help speed up the creation process for you.

Check out the clip below! 

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