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5 Reasons Your Business Needs UltraColour Transfers

Say YES to any print job without hesitation. Now there is one simple solution to print any logo including fine detail, gradients and more in any number of colours. Introducing UltraColour™ by Target Transfers & STAHLS’ Transfer Express—the world leaders in screen print transfers.
2 years ago

Heat Transfers vs HTV: Which is best for you?

When starting your business it can be hard to decide which products to use. Today we are talking HTV vs Custom Transfers to help you decide what is best.
2 years ago

How to Heat Press Hats

If you want to know how to start hat heat printing or need to learn how to apply to 6 panel caps, watch our latest event as we take you through how to decorate any hat. Along with the hat trends you need to bring to your customers over the next 6 months.
2 years ago

Which Transfer Type is right for your Artwork?

Here at Target Transfers we have designed multiple transfer types to fit each and every one of your designs and garments. Whether it's everyday apparel, sportswear, uniforms, jumpers, t-shirts and more, we have a transfer to suit. So which transfer type do you choose for which designs? Let us break it down for you.

2 years ago

How To Price Leavers Transfers

Pricing Custom Heat Transfers has never been easier than with Easy View, meaning you can get custom prices for each customer order before placing it! Here you will find a step by step guide for pricing your leavers heat transfers on Easy View along with a video tutorial. 
2 years ago

Unleash the Colour of Transfers | Virtual Event

Start saying YES to all decorated apparel jobs! This all-day event is loaded with classes to help bring full color into your business from logo creation to selling best practices. Don’t miss out on this GLOBAL event to connect with decorators and presenters from around the world!
2 years ago

Weekly Heat Printing Q&A! 1st March 2021

Every week we take the most asked questions from our inbox and answer them here to help educate our whole community! This week we dicuss fusing transfers and HTV onto Caps, our range of Hat Heat Presses, Applique with HTV and more!

2 years ago

Screen Printed vs UltraColour Transfers: Which to choose for your artwork?

Are you unsure on which heat transfer type to choose for your artwork? Here, we discuss the difference between Screen vs UltraColour to help you decide.

2 years ago

Back to Basics: What are Heat Transfers?

This weeks Back To Basics is all about Heat Transfers. What are Heat Transfers? What are they used for? How are the applied? Keep reading for more.

2 years ago