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Start A Successful Business from your Bedroom

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Start A Successful Business from your Bedroom

Can you really run a successful business from your bedroom?

With a Hotronix Heat Press, YES!


Starting your own clothing brand has never been easier, especially now that all of the equipment and materials you need can fit in such a small space as your bedroom! All you need to run your clothing business is a Heat Press, Custom Heat Transfers and some blank garments of your choice.

In this video, heat printing expert Zach Ellsworth from Stahls' shows you how to easily set yourself up for success in any corner of your home.



A heat press is a machine used to print a variety of heat transfers onto substrates like T-shirts, bags, jerseys, and more. Heat transfers can include heat transfer vinyl (HTV), screen-printed transfers, and more.

Hotronix® heat presses feature the world’s most innovative technology. Featuring Auto Open and over-the-center pressure adjustment, all machines are made in the USA. Target Transfers is the UK Divison of Stahls' and Hotronix. Home to largest UK stock of these Heat Presses.

Hotronix Air Fusion IQ Heat Press Range


Heat Transfers are your designs printed in ink onto a carrier that can be applied to any textile/ fabric that can take heat. They are an easy and affordable way to decorate garments and make a profit. Heat transfers are used to get a soft finish, that feels like part of the garment. And to get vibrant colours, neons, and metallic finishes from your designs.

All you have to do is upload your artwork to our online designer and ordering system Easy View, we'll manufacture your transfers and have them delivered to your door. Ready to apply within 2 days.

Custom Heat Transfers


How Do I Apply my Logo to T-Shirts?

With a Heat Press and Heat Transfers, it takes just 10-12 seconds to apply your logo to a t-shirt or any garment of choice!

Step One

Set your Heat Press to the correct Time, Temperature, and Pressure. (Application settings will be enclosed with your transfers). Using the correct settings is very important, they will ensure your design is applied properly and that the transfer will last the lifetime of the garment. You only want to sell high-quality products that you're confident in, to your customers. 

Step Two

Load the garment onto the Heat Press and Pre-Press for 5 seconds.

Pre-Pressing a garment allows for any creases and moisture to be removed before the transfer is applied. Again to ensure a high-quality application and a long-lasting product.

Step Three

Fuse your Heat Transfer for the recommended time with your Heat Press.

UltraColour Transfers = 12 seconds at 120°C

Screen Printed Transfers = 10 seconds at 160°C

*Both at a medium pressure on a Hotronix Heat Press.

Step Four

Remove the garment from the heat press to a flat, cool surface. Once the garment has completely cooled (this usually takes 2-3 minutes) remove the carrier. Pull from one corner in a swift, smooth motion.


That's it! You have your custom product ready to sell to your customers.


Ready to get started?

To get your Custom Heat Transfers, CLICK HERE.

Easy View - Custom Heat Transfer Designer & Online Ordering System


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Hotronix Auto Open Heat Press

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