Google has recently updated it’s Think With Google page to include the fastest-growing search terms of the last few months. In this list, there is a real opportunity to find some alternative revenue streams for all decorators.

We have gone through the list and included below the ones most relevant to heat printers. Along with the best Heat Transfer Vinyl to decorate. If you need more help with decorating these items or if you need transfers to apply to any of these. You can reach us at info@targettransfers.com or through any of our social channels.

Bicycle Bag Decorated Bicycle Bag Decorated

Party Streamers and Curtains - Search up by 600%.

What could you decorate? Flags, bunting, table cloths, napkins

What can you decorate with? For cotton – Sportsfilm Extra or Glitter. For 100% Polyester – Premium Plus.

Shorts – Search Up by 100%

Specifically Pro Shorts, Mens Shorts, Denim Shorts and Running/ Gym Shorts

What could you decorate? All of the above, with the right vinyl

What can you decorate with? For cotton based shorts you can use any vinyl. For athletic shorts we would recommend premium plus because of it’s stretch. If you need a dye blocker on the shorts then you will need Premium Plus Sublistop or Silicone 100.

Bicycle Bags and Panniers – Search up by 100%

What could you decorate? All bags that are attached to the bicycle.

What could you decorate with? As Bicycle bags are generally darker materials or heavily dyed. We would recommend either Premium Plus Sublistop for a thinner vinyl or Silicone 100 for a raised effect. Both of these will inhibit bleed-through.

TIP: Bicycle Gloves are also up over 100%.

Umbrellas and Sunshades – Search up by 100%

What could you decorate? All umbrellas and sunshades made from cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blends.

What could you decorate with?

Before you start, this is definitely a harder product to decorate so look up a video tutorial before you start. Make sure you use a vinyl that stretches, premium plus would be the best option.

TIP: Once you have made your sunshade, why not decorate the deck chair or hammock with vinyl to go under it.

Outdoor Furniture Sets – Search up by over +90%

What could you decorate? Cushion/ seat covers, outdoor rugs and throws.

What can you decorate with? For cotton, poly/ cotton blends you can use any of our HTV. Sportsfilm Extra will give you the smoothest finish. But Glitter will add the sparkle.

Dungarees (and overalls) up by +80%

What can you decorate? In short any dungarees. The most popular search terms are for women’s, denim and linen dungarees.

What can you decorate with? You can use our vinyl to decorate onto any of these dungaree materials. Just choose the finish you are after. We have 39 colours in our Sportsfilm Extra range now including Rose Gold and 48 glitter colours.


See the Full Think With Google list here https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/category-trends/uk/month