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Printing Techniques for Long Lasting Transfer Application

Printing Techniques for Long Lasting Transfer Application

Looking to increase the quality of your products? Ensuring you apply your heat transfers accurately is the most vital element to manufacturing your products. Whether you’re fusing onto a T-Shirt or a Sweat, with the transfer technology available today, you can create high-quality designs that work with your garments.


If transfers are not fused accurately, the longevity of the finished product will be affected and chances of future and repeat business will be compromised.


Today we’re going to explain the most important elements for application, so you can be 100% confident when you hand your products over to customers that the transfer will last just as long as your garments. 


Time, Temperature and Pressure!

The magic three of heat printing. Time, Temperature and Pressure are the most important elements of applying any type of garment decoration with a heat press.


Transfers are designed to apply at a specific temperature for between 10-12 seconds to save you time in your production process. Fusing at a higher temperature for less time will not achieve the same result as the original settings. Follow the recipe, don’t cheat.


Let’s dive into a little more detail..



Regardless of whether you’re fusing a full front print onto a t-shirt or a more specific location such as an arm print or near a seam/pocket, applying your transfer to a completely flat surface is essential. Removing any seams, zips or pockets from the platen and raising the print area will allow the entire transfer to receive even pressure when the top platen is lowered and no areas to be left untouched. 

·        Over Centre Pressure

All Hotronix Presses have patented over centre pressure adjustment. Having over the centre adjustment allows the pressure to be distributed evenly throughout the platen. Giving you the most consistent press available.

·        Threadability

If your heat press isn't already threadable, consider a Caddie Stand or a Counter Caddie Stand to add Threadability to your heat press. This will save time, helps to obtain a flat and even pressing surface and minimises the chance of press marks on the inside of the garment.

·        Interchangeable Heat Press Platens

Interchangeable platens are a great option if you’re trying to apply a transfer to a more difficult-to-reach area of the garment or an area that is close to a seam or pocket. For example, a Cross Neck Hoodie, if you were to fuse around the chest area or near the pocket you would need to ensure those raised areas were eliminated from the fuse surface area.

Replace the main paten with a smaller one that suits the application. All Hotronix Heat Presses allow you to interchange over 15 different shaped and sized platens. 

·        Foam Pads & Heat Pillows

An alternative to interchangeable platens. Simply slip the pillow or foam pad underneath the garment and it will raise the print area for a flat surface ready for application. Foam pads can also be cut into whatever shape and size you require, great for those unique locations platens and pillows don’t quite fit. 


Hotronix MAXX Clam Heat PressHotronix MAXX Clam Heat Press
Hotronix MAXX Clam Heat Press
Heat Press Caddie StandHeat Press Caddie Stand
Heat Press Caddie Stand
Interchangeable PlatensInterchangeable Platens
Interchangeable Platens



·        Pre-Press

Pre-pressing is a vital part of the application process. Giving your garment a 5 second hit with the heat press before any transfers are applied, removes any moisture and creases from the garment. Ensuring the transfer is being applied to a completely flat and prepped surface.


·        Dual timers

Hotronix Heat Presses come with dual timers, allowing you to set the 5 second pre-press and the 10-12 second application time alongside each other, so you don’t have to keep adjusting the timers between every pre-press and application. Saving you time yet again, and therefore money.

*Dual timers available on all Hotronix models except the MAXX Clam.



Our Heat Transfers have been designed to apply at a specific time, temperature, and pressure. Fusing at a higher temperature for les time will not have the same effect to the transfer as the accurate settings will. Think of it like cooking a chicken, you wouldn’t increase the oven temperature and cook it for less time, it’s the same principle with heat transfers.


Hotronix Auto Open Heat PressHotronix Auto Open Heat Press
Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat PressHotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press
Stahls' Clam Basic Heat PressStahls' Clam Basic Heat Press
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