New Subli Blocker Heat Transfers

The first line of defence for dye blocking sportswear and sublimated garments – Subli Blocker Heat Transfers are designed specifically to completely block out dye from sublimated garments.

Keep heat transfer designs true to their original colours with Screen and UltraColour Subli Blocker heat transfers. Our innovative print technology inhibits dye migration on sublimated and brightly-coloured polyester garments.

It has a barrier layer which prevents the sublimation colours from penetrating your motif, guaranteeing brilliant colour rendering.

When to use Subli Blocker Heat Transfers

Due to the excellent Block-Out property, these sublimation heat transfers are ideal for sports/sports fashion textiles such as football jerseys and tracksuits. All Subli Blocker heat transfers have stretch and rebound as standard (no extra cost).

Types of Subli Blocker Heat Transfers

Subli Blocker Screen Transfers are Ideal for bold prints when solid colour fills are required. Available to order with 1-5 colour, when specific Pantone® PMS colours are required.

UltraColour Subli Blocker Heat Transfers are the best print solution for full colour tonal blends and photographic images. And the most economical when the quantity of colours exceed 5 in any one design. Manufactured with the latest water-based technology, with the softest feel and incredible stretch and rebound.

Recommended Fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Poly/Cotton Blends
  • 100% polyester*
  • Lycra*
  • Spandex*
  • Most Nylon*

*Testing is always advised

How do I apply them?

Subli Blocker Heat Transfers are applied using a Heat Press at exactly the same settings as the original Custom Heat Transfers.

Screen Printed Transfers: 160°C for 10 Seconds

UltraColour Transfers: 120°C for 12 Seconds

How long do they last?

Both Screen and UltraColour Subli Blocker Heat Transfers have been vigorously wash tested to meet the 60+ wash standard set by all our Heat Transfers.

How do I order?

Just like other Custom Heat Transfers, Subli Blocker Heat Transfers can be ordered online 24/7 with Easy View, are manufactured within 24 hours and at your door ready to be pressed to garment within 2 days.