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How to apply 2 transfers at the same time

How to apply 2 transfers at the same time

Adding branding to your products is essential for brand awareness, reputation, and securing future business. What if we told you, you could apply your branding to every t-shirt and sweatshirt at the same time as the main front print? Well, now it's possible, with the innovative Tag Along Platen from Hotronix.

One of many positives of using Custom Heat Transfers for your branded neck labels is that they can be different each time you order. This gives you the opportunity to offer your customers branding to be added to their products, at no additional cost or time for you as a heat printer. 

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The Tag-Along Platen

Quickly heat applies full front transfers and tagless neck labels at the same time with this all-in-one platen.

Simply thread your garment onto the platen and apply a full front and tagless label in one simple step, saving your business time and improving efficiency. It’s compatible with select 40 x 50cm heat presses and is designed to help you load garments straight for accurate positioning every time.

Custom Heat Transfers

Non-woven Neck Labels are a quick, simple, and cost-effective way to add high-quality branding to your garments in just 10 seconds. We have created a FREE Artwork Template for you to get started with.


1. Order your Heat Transfers Online

Simply upload your artwork to Easy View, place your order and we'll manufacture your transfers within 2 days. They will arrive at your door ready to apply to the garment.

2. Pre-Press your Garment

Load your garment onto your Heat Press (ensuring you have a completely flat surface to fuse onto - for more information on the quality application, head to our blog or  YouTube) and pre-press for 5 seconds. This removes any creases and moisture from the garment ready for the heat transfer.

3. Apply your Heat Transfer

Place the transfer onto the garment, cover with a cover sheet and fuse for 10-12 seconds (depending on the transfer type you have).

Once the fuse is complete, wait for the transfer to cool and remove the carrier. That's it! You have high-quality & long-lasting branded neck labels.

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