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Hotronix vs Import Heat Press

Hotronix vs Import Heat Press

Why Choosing a Quality Heat Press is Important for your Business.

What are the key elements to look for when choosing a heat press? How do I know which Heat Press to buy? Don't worry, we've got it all covered.

When starting or growing your garment business, choosing the right Heat Press is essential.

During this video, we hear from Josh Ellsworth from Stahls' who compares the Hotronix® Auto Open Heat Press with the latest cheap import. To show you just how important it is to invest in a quality Heat Press machine.



The Hotronix Auto Open Heat Press

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Digital Pressure

Auto-Open Feature – Stahls’ Hotronix Auto Clam presses have our patented magnetic auto-open feature. The press opens automatically when time is up, preventing over-application and scorching, and allowing you to focus on more than one job at once.

Over Centre Pressure – Auto Clam Heat Presses have Stahls’ Hotronix® patented over centre pressure adjustment. Having over the centre adjustment allows the pressure to be distributed evenly throughout the platen (edge-to-edge). Giving you the most consistent press available.

Digital Readout – One of the innovations that Hotronix is most proud of is being the first to introduce digital pressure readouts on Heat Presses. If you can accurately see the pressure of your Heat Press, you can apply it perfectly every time.

Twin Timer™ – Allows users to pre-set individual time settings for two-step applications or for pre-heating and application settings.

Staff Consideration - If you are doing large volumes of heat printing the impact of this on staff needs to be a major consideration. By using an Auto Opening Heat Press the application process is kinder on the user.



Auto-Open Efficiency

Quick Change Platens – Auto OpenTM heat presses have quick-change platens. With a simple pull of a lever, you can easily remove your platen and add in a smaller or different shaped platen. Fusion IQTM presses are compatible with 13 different standard platens and 4 different Power Platens. Use a different platen to create a smaller print area and gain greater accuracy.

Wide opening - Having clear space for staff to access all of the platens is great for the easy layout of your designs.

Space-saving – By having the clamshell design, this Heat Press takes up less space in your facility. You can use it on a workshop bench or with either a Heat Press Counter Caddie or Heat Press Caddie Stand.

Great for DTG printers – The Auto Open Heat Press is a popular choice for DTG printers for pre-treatment and for post-curing.



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