T-shirt printed neck label

One of the most common enquiries we have received lately is what alternative is there to a sewn-in neck label? What system allows a more natural look and feel and is more attractive to the end user?

The answer to this is to use a screen printed transfer. A screen printed transfer is an image which is screen printed ink onto a release paper and then heat applied to the garment. The benefits of this system is that allows on-demand printing without committing large quantities of garments to print. You can print on the sizes and colours of garments as needed and once printed they feel like part of the garment.

Screen printed transfers can be single or multi-coloured and they heat apply in seconds to any number of items, such as T-Shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, jackets and caps.

Why screen printed transfers?


Screen printed transfers last just as long as direct-printed garments and often provide a more attractive finish that feels part of the garment.

Press on demand

If you are unsure how many of a particular garment you will need to make then screen printed transfers take the risk out. You only need to apply the size/ wash care label to the garment as and when you need it. If you do not use the transfer on your current range, they will be ready for the next one.

2-day turnaround

Target transfers can provide screen printed transfers to you with just a 2-day turnaround. So if you get that last minute job that cannot wait, we can be the partner you need. Sent direct to you from our factory in Braintree, Essex.

If you would like to know these transfers could help you then get in touch today - call 01376 - 326351 or email info@targettransfers.com

screen printed transfer t-shirt