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Eliminate Weeding Leavers Designs with Custom Heat Transfers

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Eliminate Weeding Leavers Designs with Custom Heat Transfers

Leavers 2022 Custom Heat TransfersLeavers 2022 Custom Heat Transfers

Making the most of leavers hoodie has never been easier. Students are now getting leaver's hoodies at every level of school, from reception and infant school all the way up through the age groups.

Every textile printer should be contacting their local school, college and university to seize this opportunity NOW in readiness. For our partners making leavers hoodies this year. We are here to support you!

During this LIVE event we show you how to take a leavers hoodie from design to creation, including:

- How to use our FREE leavers template

- How to add leavers names to a design

- How get the best price for leavers design

- How to create a full leavers hoodie


If you are spending too much time weeding these designs, it's not worth the hassle. Learn the easiest and most profitable way to create a leavers hoodie.

No More Weeding!

Manufactured in Braintree (Essex), Custom Heat Transfers solve the problems presented by designs too time-consuming or complicated to weed. 

UK garment decorators are spending too much time weeding leavers designs and it's not worth the hassle. The solution to this is a Custom Heat Transfer. With this method, only the area of the design that is needed is created, which means that there is no weeding involved.

All you need to do is create the artwork and press on the transfer in 10 seconds

Download your FREE Artwork Template

How To Get Started? To make sure you did not miss out on this opportunity we have put together a Leavers 2021 template for you. Just fill in your details below and we will send you the 2022 eps file to get you started.

This template contains everything you need for a complete leavers decoration; the main 22 number template and initials to personalise for your customer(s).

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