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Custom Printed Transfers

Put Photos on to Clothing in 12 seconds

It's never been easier to get high-quality photo prints onto any textile. Using UltraColour Max Heat Transfers, we show you how to break into the extremely successful personalised garment market by using custom heat transfers to maximise profit for your heat printing business.

2 months ago

Make Profit With A Heat Printed Baby's First Christmas range

Every year that passes opens up a new market of first time or expectant parents looking to mark the first ever Christmas of their Child. And you can be the heat printer to clothe them! How can you turn this information into heat printed product profit? Let us tell you all about it...

2 months ago

Make profitable Christmas gifts with Custom Heat Transfers

Are you making the most of your heat press? Increase your profits this Christmas with custom heat transfers. From personal gifts to the classic Christmas jumper, here’s how you can make money with heat printing during the festive season.

2 months ago

Are You Heat Printing Performance Wear?

The first line of defence for dye blocking sportswear and sublimated garments – Subli Blocker Heat Transfers are designed specifically to completely block out the dye from sublimated garments.

11 months ago

Increase Product Quality In A Few Simple Steps

As the UK's leading heat printing supplier, we at Target Transfers take pride in providing our customers with the knowledge and materials they need to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient and profitable way!

Increase your heat printing knowledge & master the most important elements to a transfer application that will ensure your product applies perfectly and outlasts the garment.

1 year ago

Introduce UltraColour to your Business

UltraColour Transfers are the world's leading full colour custom heat transfer. This sought after heat transfer allows for unlimited colours and gradients within designs, allowing you to print more detailed and decorative designs (including that with a photorealistic finish).

1 year ago

How To Start A Successful Business from Home

Starting your own clothing brand has never been easier, especially now that all of the equipment and materials you need can fit in such a small space as your bedroom! All you need to run your clothing business is a Heat Press, Custom Heat Transfers and some blank garments of your choice.

1 year ago

How To Start a Clothing Brand

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? Target Transfers are here to help you bring your designs to life and create high quality products you'll be proud of. Whether you're looking to start your first side hustle or ready to expand your current business, we can make it happen.

1 year ago

What are Non-Woven Neck Labels?

Branding your products is a great way to increase the value of your products whilst also growing your business and brand awareness. Here's how to get non-woven neck labels with Custom Heat Transfers.

1 year ago

How To Get Non-Woven Neck Labels

Have you been thinking about branding your products? Here, we explain how to create your neck label artwork, upload your design to Easy View, get a quote for your transfers and place your order for Neck Label Heat Transfers.

1 year ago