custom baby and kidswear

What material should you be using?

When producing garments for Baby & Kidswear, a print with the kindest finish is vital. You want your Heat Transfer Vinyl and Print & Cut Media to be free from harmful substances.

To ensure the finish is safe for Baby & Kidswear, ask for the material to be OEKO-TEX certified. OEKO-TEX is the industry standard. It ensures worldwide consistency, independent testing and certification for finished textile products.
For printing on Baby & Kidswear we recommend using Sportsfilm. Available as Heat Transfer Vinyl and Print & Cut Media. OEKO-TEX certified to standard 100.

SportsFilm is compatible with cotton, polyester & more. With light and dark colours staying vibrant after many washes.

How to get the best press on Baby & Kidswear?

Due to their size, it can be problematic to print on Baby & Kidswear. It is hard to get an accurate press on a standard presses, as you cannot thread the garment over the lower platen.

To help with this this, Stahls’ Hotronix has brought out smaller lower platens. Compatible with your existing Hotronix machines. Use the quick release system on your platen and replace with a smaller one.

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