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How much does it cost to start a Heat Press business?

The secret is out! Starting a Heat Press business is NOT expensive! We've got a blog filled with top tips on how you can get started with only one sizeable expense...


How to Heat Print for Pride 2023

It's almost June, which means it's time to start thinking about heat printing for this summers Pride events! We're going to tell you exactly how easy it is to get started...

5 days ago

A Heat Printing guide to Left Chest T-shirt Placement

If you've been struggling with left chest placement, we've got a blog filled with top tips to help you become a placement pro in no time.

6 days ago

How to heat print garments with pockets & seams - 2 Minute Tuesday episode

Check out this weeks episode of 2 Minute Tuesday where Andy shows you how to achieve accurate pressure with your heat press.

7 days ago

4 things that Garment Decorators should know

Straight from The Garment Decorators Podcast, we've got the top 4 things Garment Decorators need to know to stay ahead of the heat printing game.

8 days ago

UK's Only Dedicated Hat Decoration Event

This weeks Garment Decorators Podcast episode is dedicated to giving you the inside scoop on what to expect at the UK's ONLY trade heat printing event dedicated to hats!

11 days ago

Choose the Dual Air Fusion IQ Heat Press

If you've been looking to upgrade your heat printing setup, we've got the heat press for you...

11 days ago

Make Profit with Father's Day

Get involved in Fathers Day. This year you can bring extra revenue into your heat printing business by printing Fathers Day gifts. 

13 days ago

What are you doing to further your education as a heat printer?

Want to know how to improve your knowledge as a heat printer without it costing you a penny? This is not a clickbait caption, we have the answer for you.

15 days ago

How To Build & Grow A Printing Business with Transfer Express | Garment Decorators Podcast

In this week's episode of the Garment Decorators Podcast, we're thrilled to welcome back Dave from Transfer Express, a heat transfer expert! 

19 days ago