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Schulze Pre Treatmaker IV

Schulze Pre Treatmaker IV

Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press

Hotronix Fusion IQ Heat Press

Schulze Pre Treatmaker Basic

The PRETREATmaker Basicis an automatic high-end pretreatment system for professional DTG users.
£2,595.00 Excl. 20% Vat

The PRETREATmaker Basic is an automatic high-end pretreatment system for professional DTG users.

The unit is equipped with a total of 4 nozzles which may be individually switched on or off. The maximum spray area is 40cm wide x 60cm long and the spray zone may be adjusted by switching any of the 4 nozzles on or off individually. This enables a minimum spray width of 12cm, ideal for chest pocket prints. The spray length is adjustable in 2cm increments and spraying is possible both uni and bi-directional which allows the user to setup the unit according to their needs.

Within the spray carriage there is an additional filter which traps dirt from the pumps and tubes. This filter helps to minimise blockage of the nozzles by removing any debris from within the system or liquid.

Another useful feature is the new switch-valve which allows the user to use two different pretreatment liquids. An additional switch is also used to clean the pump (incl. pipe system). The automatic cleaning function is available from within the touch-pad menu.

An optional scale may be connected to the machine to display the amount of pretreatment used, a useful feature to see if nozzles and system are working correctly. An additional feature when unlocked will show low volume levels of pretreament on the main display.

Another special feature of the unit is its open interface, which can be used to program the unit either directly through the client’s order system or via printing a bar code. This optional feature will simplify and speed up your workflow and allows the PRETREATmaker IV to be operated by untrained staff.

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