Fusion IQ Press & Vinyl Bundle

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Fusion IQ Press & Vinyl Bundle

As standard Includes:
Fusion IQ (manual) 40x50cm
Roll of Heat Transfer Vinyl - Sportsfilm Extra (Flex), Premium Plus (Stretch)** or Glitter**

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Price as configured: £1,999.00

Fusion IQ Press & Vinyl Bundle.

The Expert Garment Decorator Kit.

Included in the Kit:

Fusion IQ Manual Heat Press (40x50cm) *

Roll of Heat Transfer Vinyl - Sportsfilm Extra (Flex), Premium Plus (Stretch)** or Glitter**

The Fusion IQ Press

The FUSION Heat Press operates as a draw or swing-style press, providing a heat-free workspace. The swing or draw gives 100% access to every inch of the 16"x20" lower plate, allowing for easy, precise placement and position right on the press.

Key Features:

  • Online access to reporting, including total impressions, active/idle time, and average cycle time.
  • Self-diagnostics help with troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Touch Screen Technology
  • Dual function - swing or draw motion
  • Multi-level password settings
  • Energy saving 4hr sleep mode
  • Multiple time settings.
  • Auto on/off setting.
  • Multi-level password settings.
  • Energy-saving 4 hour sleep mode.
  • Production cycle counter
  • Available in 8 languages
  • Unlimited pre-set programs
  • Live digital time, temperature and pressure readout.
  • Quick change lower platen
  • Heavy duty design

Heat Transfer Vinyl

From Decorating jerseys to t-shirts and everything in-between, you will find a heat transfer vinyl material to suit your needs. Our selection of CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials can be applied to all types of fabrics and garments, including cotton, poly/cotton blends, spandex, polyester and even nylon. Perfect for garment and accessory decorating.

* Upgrade to the next size up for an additional cost

** Upgrade to Premium Plus (Stretch Vinyl) or Glitter for an additional cost.

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