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What Are Easy Transfers?

Easy Transfers are a brand new way of ordering Custom Heat Transfers in the UK. Screen Printed Heat Transfer Sheets available to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Available in 1,2 or 3 colour options. Each sheet has a maximum printable area of 446mm (wide) x 306mm (high). All Easy Transfers come with the superior wash quality you can expect from Target Transfers and Stahls' of 50+ washes for your product.

How Do You Order Easy Transfers?

All you need to do is upload your artwork, pick your quantity (between 20 and infinity), pick your colours and then 3-5 days later your sheets of Easy Transfers will be with you.

Easy Transfers are available to order 24/7 online.

How Do I Use Easy Transfers

To apply Easy Transfers all you need is a Heat Press. All colour options of Easy Transfers are fused for 10 seconds under medium pressure and peel cold.

You can apply Easy Transfers to t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, bags, hats, workwear, and much more. 

Heat Presses are available from £350, for help finding the right Press for your business go to www.targettransfers.com/heatpress 

Get Started

One Colour Easy Transfers

easy heat transfers one colour sheet


Excl. 20% Vat

  • Buy 50 for £2.60 each and save 41%
  • Buy 100 for £1.90 each and save 57%
  • Buy 150 for £1.70 each and save 62%
  • Buy 200 for £1.60 each and save 64%
  • Buy 500 for £1.40 each and save 69%
  • Buy 1000 for £1.35 each and save 70%

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Two Colour Easy Transfers

two colour easy heat transfers


Excl. 20% Vat

  • Buy 50 for £4.40 each and save 45%
  • Buy 100 for £3.25 each and save 60%
  • Buy 150 for £2.90 each and save 64%
  • Buy 200 for £2.70 each and save 67%

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Three Colour Easy Transfers

three colour easy heat transfers


Excl. 20% Vat

  • Buy 50 for £6.30 each and save 44%
  • Buy 100 for £4.65 each and save 59%
  • Buy 150 for £4.10 each and save 64%
  • Buy 200 for £3.80 each and save 67%

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