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Schulze Stand for Pre-Treatmaker VI

Schulze Stand for Pre-Treatmaker VI


Chiossi Cavazzuti Dido DTG 3 & 6 Draw Dryers

Chiossi Cavazzuti Ace DTG Electric Dryer 600, 950, 1200

The perfect match with a single or multiple Brother GTX set-up for higher volume production.

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ACE 600 PRODUCTION DATA - based on Water-based Digital Ink – A4 print size on a 100% cotton T-shirt.

  • Actual Oven Area: 2000 × 600 mm (Not including inlet/outlet)
  • Max Temperature: up to 200°C

3 minutes curing time: 100 pieces/hour
4 minutes curing time: 70 pieces/hour
5 minutes curing time: 60 pieces/hour
6 minutes curing time: 50 pieces/hour

NB: Data may vary according to fabric/material, print coverage and ink curing requirements.

The ACE model range are a new generation of dryer, built and designed in Italy by Chiossi e Cavazzutti, a company with almost 40 years of experience in building long lasting, high quality machines.

The LCD control panel has an easy and interactive user interface where time and temperature control are both processed digitally for precise and fast adjustments. The automatic cooling off and shutdown can be set to suit different working requirements and the dryer internal technical parameters are also displayed.

The entire machine is protected with circuit breakers and thermostats to prevent electrical and heating failures and the digital control panel also has a detailed alarm history chart to improve the safety and the maintenance for extended working periods.


 • Specifically designed for curing digital inks on fabrics. The major advantage of this dryer is the high volume of forced air circulation which facilitates and accelerates the evaporation of water-based digital inks with unmatched results.

 • The oven temperature is consistent across the entire belt width and is controlled by a precise thermostat and a long lasting static relay control system. This results in the temperature never exceeding the set value, preventing damage even to the most delicate of fabrics. High velocity air nozzles deliver the hot air directly onto the garment as it travels along the conveyor belt, whilst filters on each fan provide an efficient and low maintenance working process.

 • Superb insulation properties not only result in a cooler workplace and 'cool to touch' external skin, but reduces both power consumption and heat-loss providing greater operating efficiency.

 • The clever return belt conveyor setting allows a single operator to work without having to change his/her position. Alternatively, the double belt conveyor setting allows the operator to run the dryer in a conventional manner with both belts running simultaneously but with two independent curing times so that two different ink types may be processed at the same time. Each belt also has its own speed control for infinite adjustment according to the ink or garment specification.

 • The Optional Cooling Hood on the outlet of the dryer is an effective cooling system to protect both the operator and delicate products from high temperatures, after the drying process has ended.

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