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What is Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?

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What is Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)?

What is HTV?

Heat Transfer Vinyl is a material used to decorate garments. There is a range of colours and finishes available, including Glitter, Flex, Matt, Flock and more that you cut your required design out of and apply to a garment using a heat press.

Target Transfers is the UK Divison of Stahls' Hotronix and the leading UK supplier for the world's highest quality HTV.


How Do I Cut my Design?

Stahls' HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) is cut using either a craft cutter, such as a Silhouette, or a Plotter Cutter such as a Graphtec or a Summa.

Don't forget, when cutting designs from Stahls' HTV, you will want to mirror your artwork before sending it to your cutter!

Depending on the volume of garments you are producing per day, you will want to choose a larger more efficient cutter. Alternatively, if you are focusing on individual, personalized designs you may opt for a Silhouette craft cutter.

Graphtec Plotter Cutter Silhouette Cameo Cutter


What is Weeding?

Weeding is when you remove the excess material to leave just your cut design ready to be applied to the garment.

Weeding SportsFilm Extra HTV

Speeding Up the Weeding Process

This can be a fairly time-consuming process depending on how detailed your design is. We have a range of tools and accessories which speed up this process and increase overall productivity.

Stahls' LED Weeder / Pin

The most popular tool amongst our customers is the Stahls' LED Weeder / Pin. The LED at the end of the tool makes cut lines more visible and allows you to be more accurate when weeding. A must-have tool for any HTV user.

Stahls' LED Weeder & Pin

Stahls' EZ Weeding Table

The bond between a heat transfer material and its carrier lessens when heated. This patented table heats materials slightly to promote removal from the carrier, resulting in easier weeding with less material breakage, increasing productivity by 80%.

Stahls' EZ Weeding Table


How Do I Apply HTV?

For the highest quality and longest-lasting results, HTV is applied using a Heat Press. This ensures the HTV is applied with the correct Time, Temperature and Pressure for a high quality and long-lasting product.

We do not recommend using a handheld heat press or an iron due to the lack of pressure and inaccuracy with the fuse. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

*Ensure you follow the application instructions for the type of HTV you're using. Application Instructions will come with your order.

Stahls' HTV on Hotronix Heat Press

Why Hotronix?

Hotronix manufactures the world's most innovative Heat Presses. From start-up to advanced, there is a Heat Press to suit everyone at any stage of business.

Target Transfers are the UK Home of Hotronix and the largest stock of these Heat Presses. Click here to browse the full range of Hotronix Heat Presses.

hotronix heat presses

Which Type of HTV Do I Need?

Every Day Apparel

If you are looking to produce everyday, lightweight garments, SportsFilm Extra HTV is the best option. It has a soft matt finish, is easy to cut and weed, and is available in 39 colours.

Stretch & Rebound

Stahls' Premium Plus HTV also has a soft matt finish alongside superior stretch and rebound. Perfect for when you need your design to work with the garment, such as athleisure and sportswear.

premium plus htv premium plus htv video

Dye Blocker

When applying onto sublimated garments, you need to ensure no dye makes its way through to the HTV design over time. Premium Plus SubliBlocking HTV is the solution. Containing a blocker, this HTV will prevent any dye from coming through to the transfer, maintaining your designs clean finish and high quality throughout the lifetime of the product.

3D Effect

If you're looking to add a chunky effect to your garments, you need Stahls' High Build 3D HTV. At 1000 microns (1mm), this is the thickest HTV available.

stahls' high build 3D htv stahls' high build 3d HTV

Add Something Extra

Whether it's Glitter, Metallic, Fancy or Effect, we have a wide range of vinyl that will add that extra sparkle and shine to your products.

stahls' glitter HTV stahls metallic HTV

CLICK HERE to browse the full Stahls' HTV Range.

*Stahls' HTV is available in single metres or rolls.

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