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heat press education

As well as saving money with the best UK delivery charges, there are some fantastic efficiency savings you could be achieving too. Today we would like to update you on the latest technology accessories garment printers are using to gain a competitive advantage.

What's Available

Heat Press Caddie Stand

Turn any Hotronix Auto Open or Maxx™ Clam into a threadable heat press.

The Heat Press Caddie allows you to load your garment on to the press and decorate the front, back or sides without having to remove it from the platen.This patented time-saving feature can increase productivity up to 40%.

Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector

This is a fitted Non Stick cover that fits over the lower platen.Not only does it help to protect the lower platen but it also makes it easier to slide garments on and off. Available in Five sizes. Order Now

Interchangeable Platens

A selection of interchangeable platens for the lower part of your press is a real game-changer. If you are pressing on the sleeves or legs, doing a run of baby clothes or even pressing on caps or trainers. You can find a lower platen that will match your needs Compatible with all Stahls' Hotronix and Maxx presses. Find your platen

Heat Press Pillows

Non-stick heat-resistent foam core pillows in various sizes. Ideal when pressing garments with V-necks, buttons, zips or heavy seams. Easily cleaned. An essential tool in our opinion.

Available in Four Sizes or as a family pack.

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Heat Tape

Used to keep any design or various design elements created either with media paper or vinyl in position on a garment while heat applying. Ideal for multi layering of vinyl, a must have application tool.

Each roll is 10mm wide by 66 metres long. Available for £6.00.

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