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Top Tips for Heat Transfer Application

Top Tips for Heat Transfer Application

Are you fusing your Heat Transfers correctly?

Here at Target Transfers we take pride in helping you produce high quality and long lasting products for your customers. Here are a few top tips to correctly apply your custom heat transfers to ensure longevity of the product.

1. Ensure a Completely Flat Surface

Before you fuse your transfer, make sure that all seams, pockets, buttons and other raised aspects to the garment are off the surface of the platen.

If there are any raised elements to the surface, the pressure will be affected and the transfer will not apply properly and will not last as long.

When fusing onto standard t-shirts and jumpers the standard platen should allow seams and sleeves to sit off the platen surface. When fusing onto garments that have pockets, zips, collars, etc. additional platens, heat press pillows and other accessories are very useful.

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2. Pre-Press Your Garment

Pre-pressing your garment for at least 5 seconds with a heat press ensures that any moisture is removed, all creases are flattened out and any fibres are pressed firmly down. So that when the transfer is applied there is a clean and smooth surface ready for application.

*Your garment may require a slightly longer pre-press if it's thicker or contains more moisture. You should pre-press until steam no longer comes out from the garment.

3. Time, Temperature & Pressure

Ensuring the correct time, temperature and pressure when fusing is vital to make sure the transfer fuses properly and it's longevity. You will receive application instructions with your order and Hotronix Heat Presses are pre-loaded with the correct settings for you.

If your Heat Press does not achieve the correct settings or doesn't provide a quality fuse, your transfer will not apply properly. That's why Hotronix ensure all of their heat presses have over the centre pressure and digital readout so you can be confident that every fuse you do is accurate.

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4. Peeling Off The Carrier

Once fused, carefully move the garment to a flat surface without disrupting the transfer and wait until the transfer is completely cool.

Then peel the carrier off from one corner (we recommend to start the peel with the thickest corner of the transfer) to the other in one smooth motion.


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