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The History of Target Transfers, Stahls' & Hotronix

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The History of Target Transfers, Stahls' & Hotronix

The History of Target Transfers, Stahls' & Hotronix

You know Target Transfers as your favourite supplier for all things heat printing. But do you know how we got where we are today? Let's dive a little deeper into the history of Target Transfers, Stahls, Hotronix, and how we became part of the GROUPEStahl family.

This week on the Target Transfers Podcast we're joined by Martin Borley, the Managing Director of Target Transfers. Martin tells us all about how Stahls' Hotronix started in the USA, how it became the brand it is today as well as how Target joined the family.

How it all started

It all started in the heart of Detroit by Arthur Carl and Ricky Stahl. (Teds grandparents). Arthur Carl known as AC was born in 1886, A german immigrant during the great depression, AC displayed determination and resolve to succeed. He started a business with Commercial Art Products in 1932 after many previous attempted business ventures.

Arthurs business was originally a small family lettering and imprinting business that supplied screen-printing, hand sewn, chenille, and embroidery. He also invented the first heat-applied lettering amongst other processes in his pursuit of the perfect imprint solution.

AC had one son Ernie, and in 1936 Ernie Stahl married Ricky Potter. They had three boys, Ted was born in 1942, while Ernie served his country in the air force. Ricky also joined the family business to make ends meet.

In 1945 Ernie and Ricky placed an advert in the sporting goods dealer magazine. The demand was incredible and they soon had more business than they could cope with. Then, in 1946 Ernie returned from the war and settled in a new house in Rose View Michigan where Ricky and Ernie set up the Stahls Felt Stamping Company from their garage where they manufactured heat-applied felt numbers and letters for the sports market.

There was no guarantee on sales and some weeks they only made 37 cent per week profit! At this point they were relying on the food they grew in their garden allotment to feed the family. In spite of the economic times, they worked hard, innovated, and improved their processes.

Moving forwards to 1966, they were able to move premises, add 15 people to their team and prosper by giving brilliant customer service. Ted and Brian then purchased the business from their parents in 1976.


Ernie and Ricky

Ricky and Ernie's Garage where it all started.

Hotronix Was Born

Stahls', just like Target Transfers had always prided themselves on great products. But the heat press equipment that was available at the time did not match expectations.

So Ted and his brother Brian started Stahls Hotronix in 1980s to build heat press equipment that offered the build quality, functionality and thread-ability that the user required. This was a major leap for textile and transfer film manufacturing to mechanical and electronic engineering. But they had the vision and determination to succeed.

In the late 90s, Target started to use and distribute the Stahls' Hotronix range of heat presses while building mutual respect and admiration for both Ted, Brian, and each other’s companies. Target Transfers was founded by Roger and Sally Carter, and when they decided to retire from running Target in 2002, they looked no further than Ted and Brian to take good care of their lives work.

Here We Are Today

TO this day, Target Transfers is still a proud part of the Stahls' Hotronix family. Offering free education, thousands of the best quality products, manufacture and distribute on an international level to hundreds of thousands of client’s delivering a world class service level. Of which we are very proud.

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