Target Tech Update: Accessories for your Heat Press

Keep your press in pristine condition whilst maximising efficiency and accuracy at the same time with some of our Heat Press Accessories.

Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector

The Quick Slip Lower Platen Protector makes the process of placing your garment onto the press quicker and more seamless, increasing your productivity and time efficiency with every transfer. It also protects the lower platen from moisture, dye and excess fluff from the garment by covering it and keeping it in pristine condition, preventing you having to replace it.

Starting from just £35 our Quick Slip Lower Platen Protectors are available in multiple sizes to suit your press and other sized platens.

Heat Tape

Heat tape holds your transfer or vinyl in place perfectly during the fuse ensuring complete accuracy every time. It also gives you the chance to line up multiple transfers whilst one is being pressed to decrease the amount of time you spend on each item and increase your overall efficiency.

To increase your efficiency even further, our Auto Open machines open independently when the time set for your fuse is complete, allowing you to focus on other tasks in the meantime (heat taping the next transfer in place for example) making the whole process more timely.

At £6 for a 9mm wide x 66m long roll of tape, it’s an extremely cost-efficient way to improve your accuracy and productivity.

Lower Platens

Fuse your transfers onto garments of any shape and size with ease. Having the appropriate platen for your garment means you can avoid pressing over zips, buttons, toggles and more as well as achieving an extremely accurate fuse with perfect pressure by avoiding pressing onto thick seams. Whether it’s a sleeve, a bag, trouser legs or smaller items, there’s a platen for all of them!

Out lower platens work perfectly with the Hotronix® MAXX, Auto Open, Fusion and Air Fusion range of heat presses.

Platens starting from £137.50 with a wide variety of shapes and sizes available.

Non-Stick Upper Protector Cover (40cm x 50cm)

The Upper Platen Protector prevents moisture from the garment getting onto the original platen. They’re also non-stick meaning any garment and transfer you fuse will come away cleanly ready to peel. This also prevents any garment or transfer excess from being carried onto your next transfer.

Without a protector, the top platen of your press should be cleaned 1-2 times a week, switched off, with warm soapy water (nothing abrasive).

At only £53, the Upper Protection Cover is a great price for protecting your presses upper platen!

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