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Comparing the Hotronix® Fusion IQ vs Air Fusion IQ

Industry expert Josh Ellsworth from Stahls' Hotronix® explains the difference between two of Hotronix's most popular heat presses, the Hotronix Fusion IQ & Air Fusion, and which would be more suitable for your business.
8 days ago

3 Ways To Maximise the Hotronix 360 IQ Heat Press

If you have recently purchased one of the New Hotronix 360 Fusion IQ Hat Heat Presses, or you're thinking of adding one to your business, we have some easy ways you can really maximise use and ensure you are generating plenty of business and high quality products from your new heat press. 
1 month ago

Start A Successful Business from your Bedroom

Starting your own clothing brand has never been easier, especially now that all of the equipment and materials you need can fit in such a small space as your bedroom! All you need to run your clothing business is a Heat Press, Custom Heat Transfers and some blank garments of your choice.
2 months ago

Which Heat Press is best for my business?

When looking to purchase or upgrade your Heat Press, you need to ensure you are choosing the Press that will suit all of your business's current requirements as well as being able to grow with you and your business in the future. Here we take you through some of the options.
2 months ago

5 Steps to Starting your own T-Shirt Business

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? Target Transfers are here to help you bring your designs to life and create high quality products you'll be proud of. Whether you're looking to start your first side hustle or ready to expand your current business, we can make it happen.
5 months ago

Why is a Quality Heat Press Important?

Whether you're looking for your very first Heat Press or looking to upgrade your current Heat Press, it's important that you purchase a high quality press that will help you produce high quality products. If you invest in a high quality heat press, it is a lot easier to effortlessly achieve 100% accurate time, temperature and pressure every single time you fuse! Let us explain...
5 months ago

How to Heat Press Hats

If you want to know how to start hat heat printing or need to learn how to apply to 6 panel caps, watch our latest event as we take you through how to decorate any hat. Along with the hat trends you need to bring to your customers over the next 6 months.
6 months ago

How To Price Leavers Transfers

Pricing Custom Heat Transfers has never been easier than with Easy View, meaning you can get custom prices for each customer order before placing it! Here you will find a step by step guide for pricing your leavers heat transfers on Easy View along with a video tutorial. 
7 months ago

Hotronix Air Fusion IQ Heat Press Price Breakdown

Are you ready to start your own clothing brand, looking for your first heat press and not sure where to start? Here we have broken down investment and profits of the Hotronix Air Fusion IQ Heat Press to give you a better understanding of which Heat Press is right for your business.
7 months ago