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Stahls Glitter HTV Application

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Stahls Glitter HTV Application

How To Apply Stahls' Glitter HTV

Stahls' Glitter HTV is the perfect Vinyl for adding vibrant sparkle and shine to any design! It's super easy to cut and weed, Vegan and Oeko-Tex Approved (safe for children's clothing), comes in 55 stunning colours including pastels and fluorescents and needs a hot peel after pressing.

Step One

Cut out your design in the Heat Transfer Vinyl using a cutter. In this video we use the Graphtec CE-7000-60.

Cutter Guidelines for Graphtec:

Blade: 45°

Force: 18-22

Offset: 0

Speed: 25-50cm/s

Step Two

Once your design is cut, it's time to weed. To speed up this process we have a range of products available including the Stahls' LED Weeder (used in this video) and the EZ Weeding Table which is perfect to really speed up the process if you are weeding from an entire metre or roll of HTV.

Step Three

Before you fuse your HTV always Pre-Press the garment! 5 seconds with a Hotronix Heat Press will remove any creases on the garment and ensure any moisture is gone before the transfer is applied.

Step Four

Fuse your HTV to the garment using a Heat Press.

Glitter HTV Application Instructions:

Time: 10 Seconds

Temp: 150°c Pressure: Medium (4-6 on a Hotronix Heat Press)

Peel: Hot

glitter htv


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Recommended Fabrics:

Cotton Poly/Cotton Blends

100% polyester*

*Testing is always advised

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