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How to make £700 Profit from £4.70 of Stahls' SportsFilm Extra HTV

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By Molly Harmon
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How to make £700 Profit from £4.70 of Stahls' SportsFilm Extra HTV

How much profit can you make from Stahls' SportsFilm Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl?

For those of you that have used SportsFilm Extra HTV before will know how easy it is to cut and weed and how fast the application is to your garments. However did you know that you can make £700 profit from just one metre of SportsFilm HTV? Here's how...

Make £700 Profit with One Metre of HTV

One metre of SportsFilm Extra HTV costs £4.70 and is 100cm by 50cm. This will fit 50 (10x10cm) designs in total. This works out as £0.09 per transfer.


The average production cost of a t-shirt is £6. This includes the plain t-shirt, the transfer and your labour costs (don't forget to pay yourself!).

You can sell a t-shirt for a minimum of £20, leaving you with a £14 profit on each t-shirt sale you make.

Times that by the 50 designs you can get from the one metre of SportsFilm Extra HTV, that's £700 profit! From just ONE METRE of HTV!


We've even created a price breakdown table for you. Save this, you'll thank us later!



Make £17,500 Profit with a 25m Roll of HTV

If you want to take it a step further, why not purchase a roll of SportsFilm Extra HTV and make £17,500 profit!

When you purchase 5m, 10m or a 25m roll of HTV you get a % discounted, meaning you can create the same designs for less initial investment.

Here's the price breakdown.



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Why Choose Stahls' SportsFilm Extra HTV?

If you are decorating onto cotton or poly/cotton blends and you want to create a premium product for your customers, then you need to be using Stahls' Sportsfilm (UltraWeed) Heat Transfer Vinyl. 

From the world's leading HTV manufacturer Stahls', SportsFilm Extra Heat Transfer Vinyl (UltraWeed Flex HTV) is a thin yet durable material. It cuts and weeds easily, making it great for everyday apparel or light-weight active garments. Available in 39 colours including metallics and fluorescents and fuses to your garment in just 5 seconds!

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