University and College Custom Kit

Are you making the most of the College Kit opportunity?

In 2016–17, there were over 2.3 million students studying at UK higher education institutions, including 1.76 million undergraduates. At each university there can be more than 60 sports teams and some universities have over 250 clubs and societies.

Now think about how many more sixth form colleges, secondary schools and primary schools there are that need leavers hoodies. How many local sports clubs or societies near you would want personalised kit and clothing supplied?

How to make the most of this opportunity

The opportunity for creating the clothing that students wear around campus is vast. With every college, club and society demanding a greater array of customised clothing. Every textile printer should be contacting their local college/ university to seize the opportunity.

The best value method for decorating a high volume of college wear is through screen printed custom transfers. A screen printed transfer can give you a great colour range and a higher level of customisation. Go above and beyond the classic ‘University of ’ design by adding colour emblems to the work you do. Give print options on a wider variety of materials, try printing on hat, caps, bags and sportswear.

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