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Increase Product Quality In A Few Simple Steps

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Increase Product Quality In A Few Simple Steps

As the UK's leading heat printing supplier, we at Target Transfers take pride in providing our customers with the knowledge and materials they need to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient and profitable way!

Increase your heat printing knowledge & master the most important elements to a transfer application that will ensure your product applies perfectly and outlasts the garment.


1. The Preparation - It's just as important as the fuse!

Pre-Press your garment for 5 seconds to remove any creases & moisture before applying the transfer. This will ensure a clean, smooth surface for the transfer to be applied. This results in the adhesive bonding with the fibers of the garment accurately for a perfect and long-lasting application.

2. The Heat Press

Ensure you're using a Heat Press that allows you to accurately control the Time, Temperature & Pressure of the fuse. We recommend using a clamshell style heat press over a hand held as aspects such as the Time, Temperature and especially Pressure, cannot be controlled to the degree required for heat transfer application.

For more information, Click HERE to read our blog 'SHOULD I BUY A CRICUT OR A HOTRONIX HEAT PRESS?'


3. The Magic Three - Time, Temperature & Pressure

One of the most important elements to any fuse is pressure. Ensure you have no seams, zips, pockets on the platen surface to achieve the most accurate pressure.

Secondly, always check the application instructions for your transfer type to make sure you're applying at the correct time and temperature.


UltraColour Heat Transfers

Time: 12 Seconds

Temperature: 120 Degrees

Pressure: Medium (4-6 on Hotronix Press)


Screen Printed Heat Transfers

Time: 10 Seconds

Temperature: 160 Degrees

Pressure: Medium (4-6 on Hotronix Press)


4. The Peel

Easily the most satisfying part, but don't peel too soon! When peeling away the carrier, make sure your transfer has had 1-2 minutes to cool down first. Then peel away in one swift, smooth motion.

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