Heat Transfer Vinyl that lasts for 50 washes

Pure Custom HTV

We were recently at the Pure London event at Kensington Olympia and one of the most startling revelations came from designers and their expectations for Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).

Many of the people we met thought that 10-15 washes are the standard when using HTV. The time is now to expect more from your garment. If you want to build a clothing brand based on being known for a premium product then you need to start using Stahls' HTV.

Our HTV has been designed to last for 50 washes. This means that the garment will be 'worn out' before the vinyl is.

How to get Stahls' HTV

Stahls' vinyl is available in up to 38 different colours, with many variations on each shade. There are different vinyl finishes depending on what type of material you will be pressing on to. If you are printing on t-shirts or cotton then we recommend Sportsfilm, but if you are creating an athletic wear brand then you will want the 4-way stretch afforded by PremiumPlus.

All HTV is available to purchase by the metre or the roll. Making it perfect for users of all capacities.

Which products are available

All of the below products will meet the Stahls' promise of 50 washes*:

Save up to 18% and get free shipping

The most effective way to purchase is by the roll. When buying a 25m roll you will save up to 18% per metre. Over a 25m roll, this is almost 5 free extra metres. All rolls ordered of Stahls' HTV now get free next day delivery, the best value rates in the UK.

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*when washed at the lowest temperature recommended by the garment or vinyl.