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How to Grow your Sales with UltraColour Transfers

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How to Grow your Sales with UltraColour Transfers

Grow your Sales with UltraColour Transfers

 Say YES to any print job with UltraColour Transfers. 

⊲ No set-up fees
⊲ Any artwork—no limit on colours
⊲ Ideal for complex art and free-floating text
⊲ Low-temp application
⊲ Fast turnaround and delivery
⊲ Luxurious, soft, high-end feel
⊲ From the world leader in transfers

Developed by Stahls' and Target Transfers, this no limit transfer offers endless possibilities for you and your business. Ensure you're maximising UltraColour to its full potential to help grow your business. Here are just some of the many industries you can now market to with UltraColour.

Athleisure and Fitness

Printing full colour logos on stretchy fabrics is now your specialty. UltraColourTM Standard and Blocker both have fanatastic stretch and rebound allowing you to print on performance wear, including Lycra® and Spandex® without a problem.

⊲ Approach private trainers, gym owners, cross fit studios, Pilates studios and yoga centres with samples of your full colour logos

⊲ Show them the beauty of UltraColourTM on stretchy fabrics and expand your business


The sports market is huge and has so much potential—fanwear, team uniforms, practice uniforms, travel wear you name it. UltraColourTM is tough enough for all sports and helps teams look like the pros. If you want to go after this business, here’s a game plan:

⊲ Create full colour layout options for your local teams, travel leagues and recreational sports organisations—they are used to one and two-colour designs. Wow them!

⊲ Ultra Colour transfers on performance wear have proven to be the most durable in the industry with 60 plus washes.

Fashion & Small Business

Start your own clothing line or print for other small businesses and online stores. There’s a huge demand for reliable, profitable full colour printing.

⊲ Create seasonal stock designs to sell on Etsy, Stores

⊲ Help local retail shops print branded merch for resale

⊲ Develop your own clothing brand

⊲ Come up with inspirational sayings anyone can wear

⊲ Capitalise on trends of the moment



The promotional products industry is a multi-million pound market. With UltraColourTM, you can jump in and affordably offer what everyone is looking for—full colour logos. This will set you apart:

⊲ Your ability to print full colour logos on any fabric in any location

⊲ You can offer low quantities and fast turnaround!


School Wear & Uniforms

Break into the competitive and lucrative school uniform and sports club market. Here’s why: Schools usually use screen printing or embroidery with high quantity minimums, limited sizes and styles and set up charges. You can be the more flexible, improved alternative.

⊲ Print on more than just t-shirts. Think back packs, bags, polos, sweats, caps and leavers hoodies

⊲ Offer schools low-minimum re-orders

⊲ Show schools how great their logos look in full colour with house colours

⊲ Create PTA and school support wear for parents and grandparents

⊲ Support a fundraising effort with “Class



Say YES to printing work jackets, safety gear, restaurant apparel, delivery and hospitality uniforms, and more. Offer full colour logos on any fabric using UltraColourTM transfers.

⊲ Reach out to your local mechanic garages, car dealers, construction and industrial companies, fire departments, restaurants and more with ideas on how you offer full colour designs on garments they didn’t think were possible

Medical & Healthcare Wear

Attention to detail counts in the medical field, especially when it comes to professional looking logos. You can execute logo perfection quickly and easily with UltraColourTM transfers.

⊲ Reach out to private hospitals, NHS support centres, doctor’s offices, after-hours clinics, home health care and more

⊲ Offer scrubs, face and head coverings, polos and even tote bags

⊲ Wash tested over 60 times!


CLICK HERE to learn more and get started with UltraColour Transfers.



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