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How To Fuse onto Sleeves and Legs

How To Fuse onto Sleeves and Legs

Perfect Leg and sleeve prints every time!

As a heat printer, being able to offer designs on multiple areas of a garment, is what will make you stand out from your competitors. But how do you apply heat transfer designs to locations such as legs and sleeves? With Print Perfect Pads.

So what are Print Perfect Pads?

Print Perfect Pads are the perfect accessory when decorating near pockets, seams, or zippers. Made from a thick silicone rubber, these pads are designed to elevate the press area away from any obstructions, providing a solid surface for even and accurate pressure.

If these pads are giving reminding you of your own heat press platen pad, it’s because they are extremely similar...

While our extensive collection of lower platens are extremely useful for the majority of garment decorators, sometimes you might accept a job that doesn’t quite fit the mould, and while our delivery turnaround time is impressive for platen or equipment orders, having a supply of Print Perfect Pads in the workshop may just save precious days in your production schedule consequently, allowing you to take on more jobs and making more profit.

Check out our video on how to use them below:

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