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How to Correctly Apply Direct to Film Heat Transfers

DTF Transfer Application

How to Correctly Apply Direct to Film Heat Transfers

UltraColour Max Direct to Film (DTF) Heat Transfers have taken the US by storm and they are now available in the UK! This transfer technology allows you to order a minimum of 1 sheet with no colour limitations and a hot peel!

So what exactly are Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers?

Direct to Film Heat Transfers (DTF) are a digitally printed, full colour heat transfer that allows you to put any design, photo, or graphic onto a garment and/or accessory. The process is quite simple really, all you have to do is upload your design to Easy View and we turn it into DTF Transfers that are sent to your door ready to be applied. From there all you need to do is fuse them to the garment using a heat press for 12 seconds.

How NOT To Apply DTF Transfers

In this video, Andy fuses two UltraColour Transfers, one using the correct settings, and one using incorrect settings, to show you why fusing at the correct time, temperature and pressure is crucial for quality products.

How To Apply DTF Transfers Correctly

In this video, Molly shows you how to get a perfect application with UltraColour MAX DTF Transfers. 


To ensure you're applying UltraColour Max DTF Transfers correctly, always follow this recipe:

  • Step ONE: Pre-Press for 5 Seconds to remove any moisture and creases from the garment.
  • Step TWO: Apply your transfer at 145 degrees for 12 seconds at medium pressure (4-6 on Hotronix Presses).
  • Step THREE: HOT PEEL your transfer, no waiting around!

To get started with DTF Heat Transfers, click here.

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