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Decorate onto Sports & Performance Wear with DTF Heat Transfers

By Molly Harmon
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Decorate onto Sports & Performance Wear with DTF Heat Transfers

Want to know how to print onto Sports Wear?

Applying custom designs to sensitive materials such as sports and performance wear has previously been a more difficult task for heat printers. But fear not, with UltraColour Max DTF Heat Transfers and the innovative technology of Hotronix Heat Presses, it's never been easier.

In this week's episode of 2 Minute Tuesday (your weekly bite-sized masterclass for heat printers), Andy demonstrates exactly how to apply Direct to Film (DTF) Heat Transfers to a AWDis Just Cool 100% polyester sports top.

Step One: Pre-Press your garment

Pre-press your garment for 5 seconds under your heat press. We're using the Hotronix Auto Open in today's video. Pre-pressing removes any creasess from the garment as well as any moisture it may be holding onto. This creates a perfect surface for your transfer to be applied to.

Step Two: Apply the DTF transfer

Place your transfer onto the shirt, cover with release paper, and fuse for 12 seconds with your heat press at 145 degrees. We're using our UltraColour Max Direct to Film (DTF) Heat Transfers today.

Step Three: Peel away the carrier

Once the fuse is complete, peel the carrier from one corner to another in one swift, smooth motion. And you're done! Your freshly pressed garment is ready to be shipped of to a happy customer.

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How did we create the transfer artwork?

If you're looking to take your transfer artwork to the next level and would you like to learn how to add half-tones into your graphics, then you need to watch a recent live event of ours "Create Show-Stopping Artwork Designs for DTF Heat Transfers".

We were thrilled to be joined by one of the world's leading transfer artists – Dane Clement from Great Dane Graphics. In this masterclass, we cover how to create show-stopping designs for your DTF heat transfers. With half-tone finishes proving very popular among transfer designers, Dane will walk you through how to create designs with this style in a few simple steps. Helping you take your DTF artwork to the next level.

As part of this masterclass, we will also be showing you how to create tournament designs for football fans. With the grandest showcase in the football calendar upon us, creating garments is a great way of adding an additional revenue stream to your heat printing business.

Follow along with Dane’s tutorial and learn how to create a design template that can be applied to any team. Following the artwork masterclass, we will show you how to achieve perfect application with DTF heat transfers, for long-lasting results.

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