Tech Update: How to Avoid Scorch Marks

When creating products for your customers you want to ensure you are producing garments of the highest quality possible. To avoid scorch marks and ensure customer satisfaction as well as their repeat custom for the success of your business, no matter how big or small.

Scorch marks can occur in garments that contain more synthetic materials such as polyester and lycra.  Here at Target Transfers, we have a variety of products that can help you avoid scorch marks and repeatedly create quality products for a reasonable cost and a high ROI.

What is Grip Flex?

Grip Flex is a flexible rubber sheet (46x56cm) that is used in place of release paper to create a protective layer when fusing onto a garment with a Hotronix Heat Press. Whether it's Stahls' Heat Transfer Vinyl, Screen Printed Easy Transfers, Printable Media, and more, Grip Flex is definitely a product you should be using to create flawless products for your business.

*Note, Grip Flex can be used with NEW UltraColour Transfers however due to the low fuse temperature of 120c for UltraColour Transfers, scorch marks will be less prominent on certain materials.

Grip Flex

Benefits of using Grip Flex

- Protects your garment

- Prevents majority of scorch marks from the heat

- Allows you to fuse onto more delicate fabrics

- Protects your heat press

- Prevents dye from the garment transferring onto your press

- Keeps the garment stable (stops the material in the garment expanding) during the fuse (this is more likely in materials such as neoprene which are used in garments such as wetsuits and lycra which is often found in leggings)

Top Tips for using Grip Flex

- Always increase the heat of your press as the Grip Flex is thicker than release paper it requires slightly more heat than usual to fuse the transfer. Between a 20-40 degree increase is recommended depending on which transfer type / HTV you're using. (Testing is always recommended).

- Use Heat Tape to ensure your Custom Transfer or Heat Transfer Vinyl doesn’t move whilst you’re placing the Grip Flex and fusing.

- When placing Grip Flex onto a garment on your Hotronix Heat Press, always apply up and over rather than dragging or pulling it on and off. This is to avoid moving the transfer pre-press and ensuring you do not interfere the transfer post-press whilst it’s cooling.

Grip Flex is available online for £27.50.

What are Lower Power Platens?

Lower Power Platens provide heat to the underneath of the garment allowing the upper platen to decrease in temperature to ensure any scorch marks are on the inside of the garment and the transfer side is flawless.

Lower Power Platens also increase productivity with reduced application time due to no required pre-press. No heat printing pads, pillows, extra cover sheets, or preheating are required, so you get more done in less time, and that translates to your bottom line.

Power Platen on Press

Benefits of using Lower Power Platens

  • Increased productivity
  • Prevents scorch marks
  • Available in 4 individual sizes and as a set
  • Fully threadable platens
  • No preheating required

Top Tips for using Lower Power Platens

  • Always set the lower power platen temperature to the recommended setting for whichever custom transfer or heat transfer vinyl you are using
  • The upper platen only needs to be set to around 110°C - 120°C
  • Having an appropriately sized platen for your garment makes it easier and faster to place the garment onto the press, makes avoiding seams, zips and toggles much easier, allows the pressure to be accurate and increases the quality of the overall fuse.

Power Platens are available online from £305.

The most common garments/materials that require Grip Flex or a Lower Power Platen are:

  • Sportswear
  • Polo shirts
  • Workwear
  • Hoodies – as they’re a thicker material and contain more dye
  • Cotton garments that contain synthetic material such as lycra and polyester – the more synthetic material a garment contains, the more likely scorch marks are to appear

Click here to browse GRIPFLEX and here for POWER PLATENS.

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