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Accessories for Accurate Pressure when Fusing

Accessories for Accurate Pressure when Fusing

These Accessories will change the way you Heat Print Forever

Accurate Pressure is one of the most important elements when applying transfers or HTV with a Heat Press.


To ensure a high-quality application and the longevity of the transfer.

When you're supplying a heat-printed garment to a customer, you need to have complete confidence that the product you have provided is of the highest quality possible. Fusing your transfer correctly is exactly how you do that.

There are THREE main elements to heat application. Time, Temperature, and Pressure.

Today we're focussing on Pressure and how you can use the following accessories for perfect pressure on any garment, in any print location.

lower platens
Lower Platens

To ensure you can get even pressure across the whole transfer, there needs to be a completely flat surface on the platen. When fusing onto specific areas of a garment, it can be difficult to completely isolate the area you need. There may be seams, pockets, zips, and other elements in the way. Which is where you need a different shape or size lower platen.

For example, here we are using a 10x10cm Lower Platen to apply Heat Transfer Neck Labels to T-Shirts. If we were to use a larger size platen, a 40x50cm, for example, we would not be able to remove the seams from the neckline or sleeves out of the way to get a clean flat surface where we want the Neck Label Transfer to be applied.

The 10x10cm Lower Heat Press Platen allows us to load the garment onto the heat press with nothing in the way of the application area.

Using interchangeable lower platens also allows you to maintain the threadability of your heat press (Auto Open models and above), keeping the process quick and seamless.

We have a variety of Lower Platens to suit each and every garment you are applying to. Including a Leg/Sleeve Platen, an 18cm Round Platen, a 10x10cm and a 15x25cm Platen and more.

CLICK HERE to Shop Lower Platens. 


non stick pillows

Non-Stick Pillows

These heat resistance pillows are great for ensuring accurate pressure when applying Heat Transfer Vinyl if you do not have a heat press that allows for interchangeable platens. Or alternatively, you need to isolate a specific area that you do not have the correct sized lower platen for.

Simply slip the Non-Stick Pillow into the garment where required and it will raise the print area ready for application of the HTV.

Available in 5 sizes to suit all garment types and locations.

CLICK HERE to Shop Non-Stick Pillows.

*We recommend the non-stick pillows are only for use with Heat Transfer Vinyl and not Custom Heat Transfers.

foam pads

Foam Pad

Foam Pads act in a similar way to Non-Stick Pillows however they can be cut into any shape or size you require. Making those smaller, more difficult print areas more easily accessible when fusing.

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*We also recommend the foam pads are only for use with Heat Transfer Vinyl and not Custom Heat Transfers.

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