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Make Profit With A Heat Printed Baby's First Christmas range

By Beth Whittock
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Make Profit With A Heat Printed Baby's First Christmas range

On average, on every single day in 2022, 2371 babies were born, meaning that come Christmas Eve, there will have been roughly 848, 818 babies celebrating their first ever Christmas on this earth, and that’s just this year.

Every year that passes opens up a new market of first time or expectant parents looking to mark the first ever Christmas of their Child. And you can be the heat printer to clothe them!

How can you turn this information into heat printed product profit?

By producing a product range that is specifically tailored towards this market using UltraColour Max Heat Transfers.

Our minimum order of 1 UltraColour Max transfer sheet allows you to gang sheet custom transfer designs and with a 2 day turnaround, you can finally say yes to all those last minute one off design requests.

You don’t have to stop at babies either, this range of products can be applicable to family groupings with members of all ages.

TOP TIP: You could be dressing families of up to 10 members with each purchase so when you’re planning your Christmas range, try not to limit yourself to individual products. Think about how these products can be expanded to fit whole family groupings. Turn that baby grow and bib into a Christmas tshirt, jumper and pyjamas and you’ve kitted out a whole family.

Are you willing to branch out into personalized designs? A design with a chosen name on it will come at an increased production cost but the profit will significantly outweigh this.

So take everything we’ve already discussed and create another variation of it where customers can add a name or a personalization into it.

Suddenly your Christmas range is looking pretty large, isn' it?

2 months ago