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5 Reasons Your Business Needs UltraColour Transfers

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs UltraColour Transfers

UltraColour is the Answer

Say YES to any print job without hesitation. Now there is one simple solution to print any logo including fine detail, gradients and more in any number of colours. Introducing UltraColour™ by Target Transfers & STAHLS’ Transfer Express—the world leaders in screen print transfers.


1. looks and feels better than any other print method. Ultracolour transfers

You can’t get results like this with DTG, screen printing or any other transfers. Softest hand, best stretch, best opacity. Crisp clean text, fine details no problem. Printed with exclusive, world class hybrid digital and screen print technology.

2. order by the sheet or by the piece. Ultracolour transfers

Fill up our A3 42 x 29cm sheet with multiple logos for different jobs for the best price points. Or order by the exact image size you need (10 piece min.)! Ideal for fill-ins and last minute orders. Transfers let you print as you sell - no extra inventory.

3. prints finest details and floating text

Stop worrying about complicated art and logos. Upload artwork in seconds. Perfect for gradients, fine detail and small lettering.

4. print any location, any colour, any fabric

UltraColour™ ends the confusion about heat transfer choice. Superior stretch and rebound on performance wear, UltraColour goes where direct screen printing doesn’t dare! Low temp application on performance fabrics. Print on darks and sublimated* shirts (*Subli Blocker).

5. profitable and logical way to print. Ultracolour transfers

Great for small order or large order sizes. Print on demand for ecommerce. No expensive equipment to buy, all you need is a heat press to get professional results.

At Target Transfers, We Go Above & Beyond

Wash tested over 60 times for durability
Eco friendly printing, waterbased inks
Phthalate and lead free
Robust adhesive for rigorous durability



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