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3 Tips for Accurate Pressure when Heat Printing

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3 Tips for Accurate Pressure when Heat Printing

When fusing your Heat Transfer Vinyl or Custom Heat Transfers to garments you must ensure that the three main elements are accurate for a high quality and long lasting products. They are Time, Temperature and Pressure. Today we're delving into pressure in more detail, how you achieve accurate pressure as well as the heat printing accessories that can be used here. 

1. Adjust the Pressure of your Heat Press.

With an Air Fusion IQ & Dual Air Fusion Heat Presses, the pressure is controlled by the IQ controller. By using controlled Air pressure, you can set this press with 100% accuracy. (To use the Air Fusion IQ, simply push the two buttons on the side of the station, when the press is complete it will rise automatically).

On the Hotronix Auto Open and Fusion IQ Heat Presses models, digital readout will tell you exactly what pressure your heat press is set to, making it easier to adjust when necessary. To do this, turn the dial on top of your Hotronix Heat Press 1/2 a turn at a time until the desired pressure level is found.

For Heat Presses that do not have digital readout or air controlled pressure (the MAXX Clam and Stahls' Clam Basic Heat Press), you can adjust the pressure again using the dial on top of the heat press, 1/2 turns at a time. You will then be able to feel the level of pressure your heat press is set to when you close it for an application and work from there.

The heat press should not feel too light to close that there is no pressure, nor should you need to put a force of bodyweight behind it. You're looking for medium pressure, the level you will use for your HTV and Heat Transfer applications.


Hotronix Heat PressesHotronix Heat Presses

2. Hotronix Over Centre Pressure Feature

The Stahls’ Hotronix® patented over centre pressure feature is essential for heat press printing. Having over the centre adjustment allows the pressure to be distributed evenly (edge-to-edge) throughout the platen. Giving you the most consistent press available. *Over Centre Pressure is built into all Stahls' Hotronix Heat Presses (from Clam Basic to Dual Air Fusion).

3. Ensure a Flat Surface

When loading your garment onto the heat press, ensure any seams, zips, buttons, pockets, etc. are off the platen surface before fusing. If you fuse with any of these aspects on the platen, you will affect the pressure of the fuse and the longevity of the transfer.

Hotronix Heat Presses (MAXX Clam model and above) feature interchangeable lower platens, so no matter the garment or print location you wish to apply to, you can always ensure accurate pressure for a long lasting application.

Foam Pads can also be used when trying to isolate a specific print area. Simply cut the foam pad to the size required and use to isolate the fuse area and achieve a perfectly accurate and long-lasting transfer.

Also available Heat Pillows. These Non-Stick, Heat Resistant Pillows are used when applying Heat Transfer Vinyl to garments with V-Necks, buttons, zips, heavy seams or pockets. They allow you to raise the specific print area, giving you accurate pressure when fusing for a high-quality and long lasting finish. They are easy to clean and an essential tool for heat printers, in our opinion.

Accurate Pressure for Heat Pres PrintingAccurate Pressure for Heat Pres Printing
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