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10 TikTok Video Ideas for your Clothing Business

By Molly Harmon
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10 TikTok Video Ideas for your Clothing Business

10 TikTok Video Ideas for your Clothing Business


Is your business on TikTok? If not, why not?!

Not only is TikTok home to over 6 billion users, it's also helping over 50% of those users find new products each and every day. That can be your products, your brand and your business that's growing on just 1 successful social media platform.

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Re-Purpose Content

You don't even need to spend any extra time creating TikTok videos. If you're already creating Instagram Reels you can re-purpose that content and post it to TikTok. Or vice versa. If you're on TikTok and you're not posting Instagram Reels, get started! You're doubling your reach and engagement (and potential sales) for no extra work! 

Where Do I Start?

If you're new to creating Reel-style videos, we've got 10 video ideas for you to get started with.

1. Making a Product

Give your customers an insight into how their products are made. It might be the extra nudge they need before placing an order.

2. Packing an Order

A trend we've seen a lot of small business owners doing recently. Customers have even been asking to see their order being packed on TikTok!

3. A Tour of your Office

Everyone loves being nosey! Give your customers a little look at the space where you run your business and where their products are made.

4. Your Businesses Journey

How it started vs how it's going is a trend that has taken over TikTok and is a great opportunity for you to get some exposure for your business as well as adding a personal element that customers love.

5. New Products

Give your customers a sneak peek into new products you're working on. Creating suspense is great for new product launches!

6. Ways to Style your Products

Don't just show customers the product, show them how to wear it and how great it looks. They'll soon want your products as part of their wardrobe!

7. Designing Products

From initial ideas to the finished product, take your customers with you through the entire process.

8. A Quick Tip or How-To

For example, if your business sells sweatshirts, show customers an effective way they can fold or store them.

9. Start a Challange

Don't just jump on the trends (as great as they are for exposure), create your own!

10. Your Finished Products

Simply show your customers which products you have on offer. Do you have a sale or a bundle? Mention that too!


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